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Small but mighty updates to the policy module!
Small but mighty updates to the policy module!

Find out about the updates and improvements now available in the Apizeal policies module.

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The policies module is one of our core features, and based on user feedback, we ran a marathon of tweaks and optimizations to ensure all your data is where you expect it to be when you expect it to be there.

In addition, you can now enjoy other product improvements, such as the new form to create new policies much faster and easier.

We will tell you more details below:


  • Form for the creation of new policies quickly and efficiently: now you can make the creation fast and very easy with the minimum information necessary to make a quote and register the policy in Apizeal. Watch the video tutorial here

  • Archive policies and quotes function: all deleted items are now stored in the "archive" option of your Apizeal account. See the details here

  • Ability to Retrieve Archived Policies and Quotes: Deleted drafts and policies remain in the "archive" option for 90 consecutive days, and you can choose to retrieve the item. See the details here

  • Possibility of archiving one or multiple policies in the same click: from the list of policies, you can select one or more to execute the "archive" action of as many quotes or policies as you need in the same click.

  • You can select different recipients for reminder alerts: When you create a reminder, you can select the users who should receive the alerts as necessary.

  • Selection of different users to send notifications when creating notes: You can select which users you want to send notifications about when creating a note.

  • New submenu in the "policies" option: You can easily find the information you want by navigating directly to the option you want to see. The new options in the policies submenu are:

    • List (list of policies): see the list of all the policies registered in your portal.

    • Quotes (Drafts): this allows you to see the list of all quotes (drafts/drafts) on your portal.

    • Reminders (reminders): an overview of all reminders created for all policies or quotes (drafts).

    • Export (export): module dedicated to generating reports, where you can include as many data/information columns as you need about policies.

  • Archived: This is where you can view or recover all deleted/archived policies and drafts.

  • Ability to create reminders, notes, and save documents to quotes (drafts): Now you have more action opportunities to gather information or files while evaluating options for a new client.

[Product Updates]

  • New dynamic view for creating notes: now you have a chat-style view of all the notes registered for a policy, where you can also identify the responsible user, date, and time.

  • Optimization of the form with digital signature Agent of Record (AOR): in addition to having renewed the letter's content, according to the most recent regulations of the Health Marketplace. Now you also have the form available in English and Spanish for the convenience of your clients.

  • Creation of reminders for multiple policies in the same click: from the list of policies, you can select one or more to execute the "create reminder" action in the same click.

  • Possibility of assigning one or multiple policies to staff members in the same click: also, from the list of policies, you can select one or more to execute the action "assign policies" (assign policies) to a user member of your team.

  • New browser-native document viewer: With an improved and faster experience, you can view the content of files saved to your portal.

  • New screen to view a list of reminders: get a clear understanding of all pending records for each policy or quote. With the new view and search filters, it's easier to keep track of reminders.

  • New screen to view quotes list: for a better search experience, we present an accurate and effective view with preview and search filters that allow you to save time on clicks.

  • Improvement in function to export policies from the list:

    • We have improved the user experience by allowing you to export all your policies from the list without doing it page by page.

    • Optimization in the design and information included in the Excel file generated by Apizeal when exporting the list of policies.

[Bug Fixed]

  • Validations of the policy form for its correct creation or update, avoiding the duplication of contacts.

  • Policy listing dynamic counter rectification to match search results: Allows you to enjoy improved data integrity regarding your policies.

We have an incredible community of users and ambassadors who collaborate daily on the correction report and provide excellent suggestions to continue strengthening your digital headquarters for work and growth.

From Apizeal, we maintain our commitment to delivering the best-proven tools and the best possible experience in the hands of our clients.

Don't hesitate to contact our team through the tech support chat from your Apizeal user account if you have any questions. The chat is available from Monday to Friday during office hours.

You can also write to us through the contact form available 24 hours a day if you like. You will receive an answer as soon as possible 🤓👍🏼.

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