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Integrations: Get to know them and connect +5000 applications with Apizeal
Integrations: Get to know them and connect +5000 applications with Apizeal
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Technology is advancing and every day it offers more tools to automate processes that were previously done manually, allowing for increased performance and fostering the growth of your business by improving response time and creating more intuitive, attractive, and simple user experiences.

That's what integrations are all about, making your favorite applications, the ones that help you work efficiently, communicate with each other and exchange data, thus facilitating your work process. Application integration is crucial for your business strategy because it enables your company to operate in new and innovative ways.

An integration is a process that allows two or more applications and tools to communicate with each other and share information, automatically!

Instead of manually entering data in each one, integration allows information to be transferred automatically from one system to another.

Benefits of integrations for you, as an insurance agent or agency owner:

  • Centralization of customer information: Through integrations, you can connect your CRM with other systems such as email, customer service, sales, and marketing systems, allowing all relevant customer information to be centralized in one place. This facilitates access to up-to-date and complete customer data, which in turn improves communication and collaboration between teams.

  • Task automation: Integrations allow for the automation of repetitive and manual tasks. For example, task assignment, sales opportunity tracking, and sending reminders, saving time and ensuring that nothing is missed, thus increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the business.

  • Improved customer experience: By having access to all relevant customer information in real-time, sales and customer service teams can provide personalized and timely service. This builds trust and strengthens the relationship with your customers, while also allowing you to easily offer new types of services.

In summary, by connecting your Apizeal account with other systems, it optimizes business operations, increases efficiency, and strengthens customer relationships.

Integrate Apizeal with +5000 applications and automate tasks for your business.

You're probably wondering how to take advantage of the wonders of integrations with your Apizeal account, and the number of processes you can optimize is astonishing! Here are some examples:

  • Integration of Apizeal with your lead generation system: The most anticipated feature is here! Connect Apizeal with the lead generation system you use to capture and manage potential customers, such as Facebook Lead Ads or Google Ads. This allows generated leads to be automatically transferred to your Apizeal database, streamlining the follow-up process and facilitating lead-to-customer conversions.

  • Integration of Apizeal with customer service systems and event calendars: This allows contact information, communication history, and customer requests to be shared between systems, providing customer service teams with quick access to relevant information and improving the quality and efficiency of customer service.

  • Integration of Apizeal with your email system: This integration allows for automatic email sending from your Gmail or Outlook, for example, when needed. In addition to automatically recording them in your database, associating them with the corresponding customer profiles.

  • Integration of your Apizeal account with the marketing management system: This integration allows you to synchronize your customer and contact portfolio data with marketing activities. For example, you can set up an integration so that when a potential customer takes a certain action, such as completing a form on the website with Google Forms or Jotforms, their information is automatically recorded in your Apizeal account.

There are over 5000 applications that you can integrate with Apizeal and hundreds of tasks that you can schedule automatically.

Send text messages, schedule appointments in your calendar when requested by a customer, or modify your schedule in case of changes or event cancellations, register new contacts, and much more.

But how does Apizeal securely and efficiently connect with so many applications?

Thinking of offering you more tools every day so that you can make Apizeal Software your business hub, we have partnered with Zapier.

Zapier is an independent online platform that allows web applications like Apizeal to communicate and automate tasks with your favorite applications. It acts as an intermediary, a translator, between the different languages ​​of each application, allowing them to "integrate" with each other, facilitating the automation of workflows without the need for programming or advanced technical knowledge.

The Zapier platform has a wide library of compatible applications, including popular tools such as Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads, RingCentral, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Google Drive, among many others. Users can easily and quickly select the applications they want to connect and configure how they interact, according to their needs.

Take advantage of the benefits of integrations and improve the performance and productivity of your company effectively, quickly, and securely.

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