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How to add preset templates to your signature forms
How to add preset templates to your signature forms
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We show you step by step how to add preset templates to your signature forms:

1. Go to "Signature Forms"

Once you are inside your Apizeal account, go to the left sidebar menu and click on "SIGNATURE FORMS". Here you will find the preset templates and the ones you have already added to your account.

2. Click on "New Signature Form"

If you want to add a new template, you must be subscribed to the Marketing Bundle service (learn more here). If you are already subscribed, then you need to click on the blue button "NEW SIGNATURE FORM".

3. Assign a name

A new window will be displayed where you must assign a name to your new template and you can add a brief description of it. Once you have filled in the fields, you must click on the "NEXT STEP" button.

👀 Note: depending on your user role, you will be able to change the settings regarding who can access the form. If you have a "agent" role, only your clients will be able to sign the letter. But if you have an "admin" role, you can change the settings to share the form with your agents.

4. Select a template option

Click on the dropdown list to select a template option to use. By default, Apizeal offers three preset templates available in English and Spanish:

  • Consumer Consent Form (included in your administrative license).

  • Annual Income Letter (available with the Marketing Bundle subscription).

  • Self-Employed Income Letter (available with the Marketing Bundle subscription).

When selecting the template of your choice, you will see a preview of it displayed on the screen. Once you have confirmed your selection, click on the "SUBMIT" button below.

5. Complete the settings

Now you should complete the settings of your new form.

👀 Note: In tab 3, "FORM CONTENT", you will see the form displayed exactly as it was previewed in the previous step. Here you can modify or add more content, images, logos, and whatever you need to customize the form according to your needs.

6. Click ok "Submit"

Once your new form is set up, click on "SUBMIT".

7. Activate the form

The new form will now appear in your list of available forms. By default, it will be in "INACTIVE" status. To activate it and share it with your clients and/or agents, you should click on the button located on the far right with the "v" icon and click on "ACTIVE".

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If you have any questions, please contact our team through the technical support chat from your Apizeal user account. The chat is available Monday through Friday during business hours.

You can also contact us using the contact form available 24 hours a day. You will receive an answer as soon as possible 🤓👍🏼

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