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How to send the signature form to a client via email and/or text message
How to send the signature form to a client via email and/or text message
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1. Go to the "POLICIES" section.

Make sure that the form or letter you want to send is in "ACTIVE" status and go to the policies module, specifically to the "LIST OF POLICIES".

2. Go to the "SIGNATURE FORMS" section.

Once you are in your policies list, select the client you want to send the form or letter to and make sure they have a valid email address (if you want to send it by email) and a valid phone number (if you want to send it by text message).

Now go to the policy submenu on the left side and click on "SIGNATURE FORMS".

3. Go to the "SEND SIGNATURE FORM" button.

Find this option at the top right and select which form you want to send.

4. Select the sending method.

Next, you will need to select the method by which you want to send the form to your client, either by email or text messaging. You can even choose both if you want.

👀 Important: You need to subscribe to the text messaging service, have a verified phone number, and credit to be able to send the digital signature form via text message.

To learn how to activate the messaging service click here.

5. Confirmation.

The system will confirm that the form has been sent and display its status, either signed or pending, as well as the details of the date and time of the submission. It also allows you to resend it if you wish.

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