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How to upload files or documents in your user profile
How to upload files or documents in your user profile
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In your user profile, you can easily upload files and documents to use when you need them and manage everything in one place.

We show you how:

Step 1

From the Apizeal main menu, click on your name in the upper right corner. You will see a window where you should click "MY PROFILE" to go directly to your profile information.

Step 2

You will see the screen containing your personal information; go to the left-side submenu, locate the "DOCUMENTS" option, and click on it. You will see that the window with the title "USER DOCUMENTS" is displayed.

Step 3

Now, in the upper right corner, click on the "UPLOAD FILES" button to upload the files or documents you want.

A new window will open then click on "MY DEVICE" and select the file on your device to upload it from there.

Step 4

To upload multiple documents at the same time, click "ADD MORE" for each of the files you wish to upload. The system will then display a message indicating the files were successfully added.

Finally, click on the green "UPLOAD FILES" button to see the files uploaded to your user account in "USER DOCUMENTS."

How to delete files or documents uploaded to your profile?

To delete a file, locate the file you wish to delete and click on the red "X" at the far right of the screen in the row containing the document.

You will automatically see a dialog box to confirm your action.

Finally, the system displays a green warning that the file was successfully deleted.

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